Do you like Reface app, face swap app anyway? If you want to be your face swap video, then you have to read this post till the end. In this, we share the face swap app and all its information.

An application to create face-swap videos is present on both the play store and the Appstore platform. And with the help of these, you can make a nice and attractive video and GIF from your image. By uploading an image, the video will be prepared.

You can add your video to the character of any movie and share it with your friends.


Topics we cover in this article
What is Reface App
Reface app details
Reface app features
How to use Reface app
How to download Reface app
How the Reface app works
Reface app video demo
Is Reface app safe- Reface app is safe or not
Should i use face swap video app
What did you teach

What is Reface App

The reface app is a type of face swap video making app. With the help of this, you can upload your photo and make a video with a face. It will be made only by uploading a selfie photo.

In the Reface app, you can create both videos and GIFs by Face Swap. In this, DOUBLICAT video can be made of anyone. And it can also be called a duplicate app or face replacement app.

reface app to NEOCORTEXT, INC. Has been published by play store and AppStore. It has been added to the entertainment category. This app is powered by RefaceAI and is mentioned in Forbes, Mashable, TNW, Digital Trends.

Reface app details
Name – Reface app / Duplicate App
publisher – NEOCORTEXT, INC.
Size – 15 MB now
Rating – 4.7 * now
Download- 5 million

Reface app features
Its best feature has been shared with you. But you have to read the entire post first then only use it.

You can create face swap videos and GIF for free in the Reface app.
It is operated by RefaceAI and has the status of art face swap AI / ML technology.
Every day new videos are uploaded in the Reface app.
In this, you can share face swap video and GIF created on social media.
You can swap your faces for videos of celebrities or movie characters.

How to use Reface app

To use it, you must first download it. Because without downloading you will not be able to use it. Download the Reface app from the link below.

  • Open the Reface app.
  • Then you will see the first interface like the image given below, in which you will get two options.
  • I agree to provide my face data
  • I accept term and conditions and privacy policy
  • Have to tick both.
  • After that, your camera will open. You have to take your selfie, after that you have to upload for face swap like video should select use. Then your video or GIF will be ready.

How to download Reface app
To download the Reface app, you have to read all the steps given below, after that you will do everything by yourself.

First of all, go to Playstore or Appstore. [Choose according to the os of your mobile.]
Then search the Reface app.
Then click on install. Your Reface app or face swap app will be installed.
Click on the link below to download the Reface app mod apk, you will get the best reface app mod apk link.

How the Reface app works
If you also want to know that how the Reface app works, then you will have to watch the below youtube video. And this is a link to the official youtube channel of RefaceAI. You can guess by looking at how well this app works.

Reface app video demo
If you have seen this movie then you will definitely know its character. But here, it has also been created with the help of Reface app.


Is Reface app safe- Reface app is safe or not

When I did the research and found out whether the Reface app is safe, I got some information, which I have shared with you below.

And I have also told my experience whether you should use Reface app, face replacement app, face swap app, deepfake app and doublicat app or face app.

When I installed the Reface app and opened it was written in the first interface. “Worrying, we use it only for this App do not share your personal data with any third parties“. In this way, the user is confident that this app will keep your photo personal, after hearing this, you are sure. Is not it!

Friends, when I saw its privacy policy, show me everything clearly that the Reface app collects your data but does not collect any kind of biometric only photos. This makes the Reface app claim that it will not leak your data in the third party.

Let’s talk about whether you should use Reface app like face swap videos app or not.


Should i use face swap video app

No, you should not use the Reface app or any face swap video app. Because it will only harm you. I will tell them everything below.

We know that the Reface app claims that it will not share your personal data with any third-party app. This app gives a lot of information from a camera to the app developer. Except for your image.

Let us tell you what the Reface app that makes face swap video collects information from you.

Friends Reface app collects data like IP-Address, your device model, Screen Resolution and Operation system, session durations, and your location using Google Analytics.

You can understand that all this data is not less than personal data of mobile, which we give to someone else’s hands to make a face swap video. And we do not know.

According to me, you should not use any such Reface app or face swap video app because it can cause problems at some time.

What did you teach
Today with the help of this articleReface app“, teach you how to get information about an app before using it and it is very important for you to know what are the disadvantages of it.

I am happy to tell you all these things because our job is to give you the right information, so you know about any app or anything before using it.


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