The Pixel Lab app is used to create thumbnails for facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter, and also websites. For this, first go to the play store and download the pixel lab app. Or download the pixel lab app by clicking on the link given below.

PixelLab Founded in 2008, is an award-winning studio well known for design and development app. It is the application that users allow to create thumbnail images, add texts on images, visual effects, stickers on images.

The PixelLab App Available for  Android and PC from Google store  and Pixel Lab App website


Below are the steps and tutorial for PixelLab Download

Step 1: Go to browser and open Google and go to the Google Play store

Step 2: Type and Search for PixelLab App 

Step 3: Click on the install button to PixelLab App

Step 4: Log in with your Google/Gmail account, if you have not logged.
Step 5: After install successfully, let us open the pixel app. This is what it looks like.

pixel lab

After installing the app, you are ready to start play with the PixelLab. You will be able to see various options available before starting creating and editing. PixelLab app really easy to use all options are available on the right side of the main screen, you can explore all options with your PixelLab App

Thumbnail on Pixel Lab

When we make a thumbnail on pixel lab, we have to give its size, for that, we click on the three dots on the right side.Which brings the page according to the selected size. In which we can create a thumbnail.Now to create any thumbnail, first let’s select the theme given below.Now we can write text in whatever theme we have selected.

To write text, we click on text. For whatever we want to write, for that, we click on Edit text and type the text and click on the OK button. We can add many types of effects to text, copy it, delete it, and add font change, font size, font color, shadow, and even effect. We have given below several types of effects in the thumbnail in the pixe lab app which can be used.

  • Text on images
  • Stickers on images
  • Edit text with the feature of smaller, bolder, text size, color, gradient
  • 3D text creation and editing 
  • background change from images

Effects on pixellab

Effects on pixellab Many types of shapes, stickers, and anything you can draw. And you can import an image. Now you can also use the type effect for background in the pixel app. You can use color, image, transparent, crop, and many types of effects as background.

after creating a thumbnail in the pixel lab app. You can save, with the save option is given on second no in the top right side. By clicking on save as an image, by clicking on saving to the gallery, And you can also share the thumbnail created in the pixel lab app. To share, you can share the thumbnail created by the share option at the third number above in the pixel lab app.

Apart from the thumbnail in Pixel lab app, we can also create poster, Baner.

PixelLab is a more user-friendly tool. Using the PixelLab app you can create more effective images install on Android phones as well as on PC, the tools are very interesting to use. Now,  install and start exploring.


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