As per the Indian market, the most suitable electronic vehicle is planning to launch in India by Kia’s name as Kia e-soul. the Kia electric car in India was gifted to the Andhra Pradesh government just after a month of its global launch.

Kia e-soul is a convenient EV with features that fulfill the wish list of the small family electric car in India for Indian families.

Kia e soul 2020

Iconic Design
Kia e-soul has the front plug-in charge socket and an advanced EV powertrain that helps to achieve maximum range up to 452 km on a single full charge that makes the car different from others.
The manufacturer design the iconic structure with a 3D muscular rear design for the extra boot capacity. Car manufacturers provide vertical tailgate, which also suitable for easy loading. The rear bumper and new molding shape give extra stability with the iconic look to the car.
Full LED headlamps, stylish colors, and 17″ alloy wheels make the vehicle more attractive.

Safety Function
Kai’s ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) ensures your journey full of safety. During a driving, this system assists the driver for forwarding Collision Avoidance (FCA), Blind Spot Collision Warning (BCW), Smart Cruise Control (SCC), Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS), Lane Following Assist (LFA) which provides you a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Kia e-soul has two driving distance ranges available on a single charge – one is long-range, and another is mid-range. The long-term delivers 452km on a single charge. After pressing the start button, the electric engine possesses a maximum acceleration up to 0 to 100 km/h only in 7.6 seconds. The maximum speed is 167 km/h. Kia provides a high range and high power battery 64kwh/motor 150 kWh, which was charged in two ways. One is a fast charge in 30 minutes (up to 50%), and the other is standard charge in 9.5 hours (up to 95%). Otherwise, mid-range and low power battery 39.2 kWh/motor 99 kWh are also charged by options. Fast charge the same as the high range high power battery and standard charge in 6.5 hours (up to 95%)

Programmable charging
10.25″ touch screen provides to set the time to recharge the car. This gives flexibility and saves time to restore a vehicle.

Battery heating system
Warm-up the battery floor in colder temperature to ensure smooth motor start also helps to stop power loss in more freezing conditions.

Regenerative braking
Kia E-soul’s regenerative braking provides highly efficient driving. Single pedal brake use to urgent stop the car and left paddle-shift lever behind the steering wheel used to decelerate the vehicle slowly by holding it for a minimum of 0.5 seconds.

Colors of Kia e soul in India
Kia gives the many options to fulfill the wish list. e-soul comes with seven one-tone colors, and one of 7 vibrant two-tone delightful color makes the car more stylish.

Kia e soul in India
Nonetheless, a desire for cleaner mobility is pushing people to opt for electric vehicles, so several companies in India like Tata, Mahindra, MG, Hyundai try to fulfill the customer’s need.
In a comparison of Kia e-soul and Tata Tigor, the Kia e-soul grab the higher side.
The Tata Tigor makes the use of a 21.5 kWh battery, which gives the driving range of 213 km on a time charge, whereas the Kia e-soul uses the 64 kWh battery, which offers 452 km driving range in a single charge. The Tigor can be fully charged around 11.5 hours using standard AC charging while Kia e-soul charged in around 9.5 hours. That’s why Kia e-soul looks like a unique, iconic, and affordable car in all conditions. It may go to be a dream car for small families in India who look cleaner mobility.


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