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We are going to talk about Josh (made in India) App. Josh App is an application that you can use to become a very big content creator. You can upload your video here (Video Upload). and Can be much more popular.

We have added some question and answers in this article the questions are 

What is Josh App?, How to download Josh App?, How to use Josh App?, How to create a profile in Josh App?, How to download videos from Josh App?, How to like on Josh App’s video?, How to share Josh App videos?, How to upload videos in Josh App? We have explained the steps for every question.

What is Josh App?, Josh (made in India) App

Josh App is an Indian short video application with the help of which we can view and upload short videos. In Josh App you will get videos of different categories like Entertainment, Trending, Funny, WhatsApp status, Glamor, Viral Videos and more.

How to download Josh App?, Josh (made in India) App

First of all, go to the Play Store and search for the Josh App. After searching, you have to install it. Once installed, it has to be opened.

How to use Josh App?, Josh (made in India) App

After opening, you will get the option to select the language (Language Select).In which you will get the option to choose many Indian languages. You can choose any language in Hindi, English, Marathi in which you are comfortable.

How to create a profile in Josh App?, Josh (made in India) App

You will get the option of a profile. open the profile by clicking on it. After opening, First of all, you will enter your mobile number and click on Send OTP (ClicK). After clicking, within 60 seconds, your number will receive a 6 digit OTP After the OTP arrives, you have to enter the OTP and click on Sign In. Your profile will be logged as soon as you sign in. After that, you have to click on the click profile. On clicking, you will have the option to add photos, name, gender, and bio-data. Which you have to fill. You can update by clicking on the update button. After that, all your followers, followers, followings, videos, and likes (Like) will be given to you there. Uploads, for you and drafts, will appear.

Home: –
Here you will get to see a lot of trending videos in Home option. When you click on any video and the video will open. With the video opens, the user’s ID will be seen above and the option to follow will be seen next to it, with the help of which you can follow them.

View: –
You can see how many times that video has been viewed.

Download: –
You will get the option of downloading below that, you can also download that video.

Like: –
If you like their video, you can also like it by clicking on the Like button.

Share: –
You will get the option of the lowest share, with the help of which you are watching the video, you can also share it on WhatsApp. After the completion of the video, you will get the option of replay, which you can see again if you want and you will get the option to download and share it. There are other options also available, such as more categories like Glamour, Trading and Status will be available.

Notification: –
(Notification) Notification: – If anyone comments or likes on your video, then all the notification will appear in the notification section.

(+) Plus sign: –
Click on the plus sign. If you ask for some permission after clicking, then you need to allow it. After that, your file will open. Such as Camera, Converted, Export. Wherever you are in any folder, you have to select it and click on the arrow button. After clicking, Fill it in the form. After filling, you will see two options. Draft and Post | If you do not have the video yet, you will simply click on Draft. And if you want to insert the video now, then click on Post. Your video will be posted within seconds after clicking.

Setting: –
And the last option comes with the settings. and below are the options in setting.
Profile: – Option of profile in which you can see your profile.
Notification: – You can also turn on or off the incoming notification.
Feedback: – If you want to give feedback about how felt, you can give it.
Rate: – You can also rate.
Share: – You can also share it with your friends.
About Us: – If you want to know something about it, then you can know here.

LogOut: –
The option of the lowest logout you can log out with this option.


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