What is WhatsApp web and how to use it?

Hello friends, if you like using WhatsApp and you are eager to get information about the new features of watshapp web, then this article is going to be very special for you.


So today we will get information about the WhatsApp web. WhatsApp web is a very special function created by WhatsApp. We can use WhatsApp just by installing in mobile phones, but WhatsApp web can be used in our desktop or laptop also. We know what is WhatsApp web, now we will see what is the features which benefit you in WhatsApp web.

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How use WhatsApp Web on mobile?
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how to use whatsapp web in computer or laptop?

Friends, you do not need to download WhatsApp web to use it, all you have to do is click on the link given below and browse it from your computer or laptop. Browsing will open the main window of the WhatsApp web, in it you will see a qr code, you just have to scan it with the option of WhatsApp that is in your mobile.

You have the option menu by opening WhatsApp in your mobile (፧ three-dot) By clicking it, the third option will appear in the WhatsApp web, in which you will get a scanner, from that scanner you have to scan the qr code that you have opened in the computer or laptop.


When you scan the qr code, your WhatsApp will start on your computer or laptop. On opening WhatsApp web, you will get all the features of WhatsApp. Now we will see information about the features of WhatsApp web.



What features will you get in WhatsApp web?

We will get all the features that we find in WhatsApp Messenger in the WhatsApp web. We will see all those features in detail.

WhatsApp profile: – You can set the profile picture of your WhatsApp or change it through WhatsApp web from your laptop or computer.

WhatsApp status: – As we upload WhatsApp status from our mobile phone and see the status of our friends, all these functions are available on your desktop through WhatsApp web. You can enjoy all these functions on a big screen by having all these available on the desktop.

New chat: – You have ‘New chat‘ available on WhatsApp Web on your computer or laptop, through which you can be chatting with your friends. You can message your friends, read messages sent by friends, photo, video, audio, document, contact etc. to all those contacts in your contact list. Can share You will do all this on the desktop so you will enjoy it along with comfort.


New group: – This feature of WhatsApp is very interesting so that you can create a group of specific contacts from your contact list. All this you can also do it in WhatsApp web.

The biggest advantage of forming a group is that if you want to send one message to all the contacts, then you do not need to select and send separately.

All you have to do is post that message in the group; Posting that message will be received by all your group member. In this way, you can also select photo, video, contact, and document in the group.

Notification: –What is notification setting in WhatsApp web and what’s use of this setting (what is notification setting in WhatsApp web and what does it use)
Friends, by clicking on the menu of Notification, you will see 3 Function on it which are as follows

Sounds: -This function is used to turn on and off Function Message Sound, many times we see that we receive a message, then we hear a sound which is an Alert Sound. Can turn on

Desktop Alerts: -Many times we see that whenever we login on WhatsApp Web and whenever we receive a message, we see Alerts in the bottom corner on the desktop, which we call Desktop Alerts.

Many times we Keep working on another window and if we receive a message, then WhatsApp Web keeps alerting us and we get to know about the message

If you want, you can turn off this alert, this function is By default On behalf of WhatsApp Web, to switch it off, untick this function, which will stop Alerts coming to your desktop.

Show Previews: – This function works only with Desktop Alerts, through this function you can view the Preview of Desktop Alerts without opening watshapp web, but this function works with Desktop Alerts only, if you disable Desktop Alerts. This function will also be automatically disabled

So friends today, we got information about what is WhatsApp web and how to use it, and Important things watshapp web PC what’s app qr code webwhats app desktop wappweb if you have any problem in using watshapp web, then please comment in the comment box given below, our team Will try to do solved your problem soon

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