What is Snapchat and how to deactivate it?

What is Snapchat and how to deactivate it? Snapchat is a social Networking platform in which you also have the messaging feature available. You can upload pictures on snapchat and share up to 10 second short videos with your friends.

Features like text chat and video call are also available in snapchat. If you upload a video or picture on snapchat or send a text message to your friend, then that video, photo, and message are saved for some unique time just as your friends open that picture or video. After some time, videos and picture are automatically removed from snapchat.

So we saw what is snapchat, now we will get information about how to login in snapchat.


How to login in Snapchat?

How to sign up in Snapchat app: – To sign up on Snapchat, install Snapchat App by going to play store. Or you can install by clicking on the link given below.

Open the Snapchat App and click on the new Snapchat Account and click on sign up. Now fill your First and Last Name and then click on Sign up & Accept. Now, let us select any one of the below given Username. And now we create our snapchat password.

Now enter mobile number and enter OTP, which becomes our ID on snapchat. By which we can login anytime by entering the user name and password.



How to change your Snapchat username?

Creating an account on Snapchat is quite easy but if you don’t like the username then you can’t change it.

There is no way for users to change their username associated with their snapchat account. However, if you delete the old account and open a new account, you can set your preferred user name in that new account.

Now we will get information about how to deactivate snapchat.


How to deactivate Snapchat?

Snapchat is a very popular app but if you are not happy with the new Snap Map feature and its privacy policy or if you are upset with your growing network on Snapchat, then you can easily delete Snapchat account. Yes, if you are ready to delete your Snapchat account, then it will not take much time, in just few minutes you can easily delete your Snapchat account.

Friends, if you want to deactivate your snapchat account permanently, then this information is very important for you, now we will see step by step

how to deactivate or delete snapchat account permanently.

First of all, it is very important to know that you cannot delete the snapchat account from your app, for this you have to click on the following link

You have to open this link in your browser, after the link is open

Your email id and password Enter While entering, you will see some captcha code, you just have to check those captcha codes.

After the captcha check, you login. Then once you have to enter username and password and deactivate the account.

Following these steps, your snapchat account will be deactivated.



Another way to deactivate Snapchat account is now we see that process, first of all you type snapchat.com in your browser and browse it.

When you are browsing, a page will open in front of you, all you have to do is scroll down and come down while you scroll down.

Here will be an option show in the community sectionsupport‘. All you have to do is click on the snapchat. The support page will be open, you will see this option “My Account & setting” on that, you just have to click on that option.

While clicking, you have to click on “account information” where you get the option of “Delete My Account“. You have to deactivate the account by entering user id and password in it.

How to delete snapchat account permanently?

Friends, if you have to permanently delete the snapchat account then you have to follow the above process.

Once you have to deactivate the snapchat account from the above process and do not open that account again for 30 days. If you do not open the account again for 30 days, then your snapchat account will be deleted automatically.

If you feel like reactivating for 30 days after deactivating snapchat account, then all you have to do is login with user id and password, this will make your account active again.


So friends today, we have got complete information about what is snapchat and how to delete snapchat account, if you have to delete snapchat account permanently, then you can do the above process if you need to use snapchat or if there is any problem in deleting the account, then comment in the comment box below, our team will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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