Today’s topic for Everything about google voice vs hangouts let’s start with google voice vs hangouts. Google Voice is a service that gives you a free phone number and Google hangouts is an application that lets you use your number to send text messages and make phone calls together.

google voice vs hangouts: Google voice and hangouts allow you to keep one phone number as you switch from carrier to carrier and phone to phone and it increases your coverage area by allowing you to use wifi to send text messages and make and receive phone calls.

Google voice and hangouts will even sync your messages across all your devices and allow you to send text messages and make phone calls right from your computer all of these features are completely free.


Review of google voice vs hangouts

I’m going to be doing a full review of google voice vs hangouts and why I think this is a service worth signing up for. In order to sign up for Google voice, you need to have a Google account in an existing phone number.

When you first sign up you can either get a new number for free

I’m going to tell you to sign up for a new phone number because you can port in your mobile number at any time from your account settings the next step is to enter a phone number that will be used as a call.

Forwarding number and to activate your account you can change your call forwarding settings at any time so you can get away with entering a friend’s number.

Enter the phone number then click call me now and get an automated call from Google voice to verify the phone number.

You just entered Google Voice calls you to enter the verification code and then you will be given the option to create a voicemail greeting.

You can choose not to create a greeting at this time and instead went on to select my Google voice phone number after entering your area code or a word phrase or number Google will give you a wide selection of phone numbers to choose from.

To choose your number carefully as it costs $10 to change your Google voice number in the future once you have selected a Google voice number you can then click continue and then finish at this point you have successfully completed the initial set up process and can now send and receive phone calls and text messages from your Google voice number.

The online version of Google voice has a lot of settings to play around with such as which phone numbers ring when you get a call to your voice mail and text settings and your call settings you can also view all of your voice mail online however once you have everything set up on Google voice.


You’ll probably spend the majority of your time using the hangouts application so now once the hangouts and things Google hangouts is a free application available for both iOS and Android.

When you first download the application you’ll have to sign in to your Google account you’ll need to make sure show SMS and voice mail and hangouts is turned on and I suggest you turn on sync contacts as well you may also want to enable incoming phone calls this will ring to hang out supplication instead.

Forwarding the call to another phone number the advantage to this is that you can continue to use the hangouts application while you’re talking on the phone and this will not count against your cellular minutes instead the phone call will be made over wifi or cellular data connection this is ideal for plans.

If you don’t wish to use your cellular data then there is a setting to only allow phone calls on wifi everything will continue to work normally but you’ll get a pop-up reminding you when you’re off wifi.

If you’re trying to make or answer a phone call if the call is important then you have the option to answer the call and use your cellular data otherwise the call be sent to voice mail you’ll be able to listen to the voicemail when you’re back on wifi the downside to having to hang out supplication ring is that you cannot select your ring tone.

Leaving the call forwarding feature on it will allow you to select a ringtone but any incoming call will count against your minutes.

The other great part about hangouts is the ability to send text messages for free over wifi or cellular data these are real text messages that can be delivered to anyone’s phone number group and picture messaging are also supported by hangouts.

All the messages will be sent across all your devices you can send text messages from any device with an internet connection including your computer tablet and smartphone.

The hangouts messaging you why isn’t the greatest but it gets the job done in my opinion the messages are to spread out and the phone is a little small you can see a comparison of the same conversation on hangouts versus the stock messaging app.

On the iPhone personally, I prefer the stock messages application but I love the hangouts includes contact photos in the individual conversation the stock messages application on the iPhone only includes contact photos for group conversations.

Hangouts do support quick reply in iOS 9 but only if message previews are enabled turning off message previews allows for more privacy but it prevents you from using the quick reply feature the developers at Google have done a great job adding a slew of features and hangouts application above the keyboard.

For short cuts for easily sending a photo from your library taking a photo sending a fun sticker and even sharing your current location sliding from right to left or left to right on the contact conversation thread reveals for options as well, you can favorite call or meet that person or you can even archive the conversation if you wish to delete a conversation then you need to tap on the conversation thread tap on the 3 vertical dots tap details and then tap delete the conversation. Something else cool about the hangouts application or the in-app notifications.

Google did a really good job implementing material design notifications for when you receive a phone call or text messages from within the app you can also continue to messenger friends while you’re talking on the phone by moving the sort of chat around the screen.


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